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IAS-Sponsored Volunteer Minister
Haiti Disaster Relief


Since the first Volunteer Ministers* arrived in Haiti on Sunday 17 January, they have become an integral part of the relief efforts — doing whatever is needed to help the people. In all, VMs have now:

  • helped tens of thousands people, including hundreds of orphans
  • arranged and delivered over 38,600 pounds of food and medical supplies
  • served more than 6,000 meals
  • trained close to 150 people on VM tech

Every day, VMs are working in several hospitals in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. At the General Hospital, VMs are routinely assisting medical personnel, giving assists and delivering meals to the patients with over 900 meals served in the past week alone.

VMs help transport a patient in need of medical attention

One of the VMs at the General Hospital was assigned as the personal assistant to the Director of the hospital and has been attending all coordination meetings with hospital executives and staff of the International Medical Corps. Lack of organization in the hospital has been a major problem and after the VMs briefed the Director and his Coordinator on the basics of LRH Admin Tech, they were very interested in implementing these solutions. Key medical staff were further briefed on basic principles such as the Org Board, flow lines and terminals and a plan has been drawn up to implement these principles in the hospital. Needless to say the results were immediately visible in terms of improved operation and efficiency in the hospital.

At another hospital, called the Miami University Field Hospital, VMs are working the food distribution lines as well as continuing on a project to put order into the medical storage facilities. Assists are also being delivered throughout the day, with new people being trained so that they in turn can help others.

A VM with a young girl who was helped by the Volunteer Ministers.

VMs are also providing food and needed medical supplies and treatment at orphanages and refugee camps in and around the Port-au-Prince area. One Volunteer Minister team helped a Haitian aid organization to re-build an orphanage that has taken in and fed about 80 orphans to date. Others have teamed up with military or aid organization units and are organizing the distribution of food and medical supplies across the western part of Haiti. Volunteer Ministers are now expanding their organizational and logistics support to refugee camps outside Port-au-Prince.


Scientology Volunteer Ministers can and are doing something about the situation in Haiti. The Volunteer Minister relief efforts in Haiti are being made possible by a grant from the IAS. All Scientologists can help by making a donation now.

Your help is needed — make a donation to the IAS now

* Data provided by the Volunteer Ministers Unit of the Church of Scientology International.

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